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Greenlake Trek in Sikkim

  The Sikkim Himalayas, Sikkim is situated in the lap of the eastern Himalayas below Mt. Khangchendzonga (8598m.3rd highest Mountain in the world) to the north of Sikkim lies the vast area of the great Tibetan plateau, to the west the kingdom of Nepal, to the east the kingdom of Bhutan and the Chumbi Valley of Tibet, while the neighboring State of West Bengal stretches along its southern boundary. Sikkim is the 22nd State of India. A naturalist's paradise, Sikkim is noted for its flora and fauna with over 4000 varieties of flowering plants and shrubs. Lepchas, Bhutias, and Nepalese who make up the major population of Sikkim are, by nature, simple, polite and docile, people with a natural gaiety, their culture and customs are as fascinating as the surroundings in which they live.  

14 Days 13 Nights


 Day 01


Leave for Gangtok about 124 km or approx 4 hrs drive. This is a scenic and winding drive, takes you along the River Teesta which leads to “Gangtok” the capital of Sikkim. While half way you arrive at a place called Rangpo, this is the entry point to Sikkim. You will have to fulfill the entry formalities against your special permit to tour around Sikkim,While we fulfill the formalities you refresh yourself with Tea and Snacks, then continue the drive to Gangtok.Arrive Gangtok by evening check-in to hotel.

 Day 02


Gangtok Sight Seeing. (While we process final documentation.)
After breakfast visit to the World famous Rumtek Dharma Chakra Centers Monastery, situated 24kms from Gangtok. This is the headquarter of the present seat of His Holiness, the Gyalwa Karmapa, head of the Kagyud Sect. This Monastery is said to be replica of the monastery at Tsurphu, Tibet with its traditional architecture, exquisite paintings, intricate wood work, housing treasures of manuscripts and icons. Rumtek is a splendid example of Tibetan monastic art. ON the way back visit Do-Drul Chorten Stupa: An awe inspiring stupa, encircled by prayer wheels which you may spin while walking around, clockwise only, to offer the prayer “ Om Mane Padme Hum Re”. Nearby, simple housed are two giant statues of the Lord Buddha and Guru Padmasambhava. Tibetology: A unique institution, devoted to Tibet logy the only of its kind in the world where is displayed perhaps the largest collection to Tibetan artifacts outside Tibet.
After lunch visit Govt. Institute of Handicrafts Cottage Industries: this place you can buy local handicrafts such as carpets, woodcarvings or nick-knacks. You may also see the artisans at work.Flower Show at White Hall: Specimens of Sikkim’s famous Orchids and other flora.Overnight at hotel.

 Day 03


Gangtok to Lachen. The journey takes about 5-6 hours drive with all the stoppages, including lunch break on the way. The drive passes through very interesting Sikkimese villages. Numerous waterfalls should not be missed. Night will be in a hotel in Lachen. Lachen is quite a huge village 280 families from the Bhutia stock. The people here are semi nomadic, moving with their cattles to the high pastures in the north in the summer. From tonight you will get the taste of food from your trekking cook.

 Day 04


Lachen to Zema , 2848 m, (27�46’09N,88 32’22E) (drive 2 Kms) to Tallem 3312m, (27� 47’ 01N, 88� 29’ 48E) Since the original trail was washed away by a flash flood in 2007, it is quite tiring walking on boulder strewn trail along the Zemu Chu in the beginning. There are few climbs and have to cross landslides. The walk from Zema to the first camp takes about four hours. The trail is through beautiful forest of Rhododendron, Magnolia and fir. At few places you will have to walk over fallen trees. The first camp is at a beautiful place, with view of the Lamo Angdang Range, Khangchendzonga and the Simvo. So the first night is in a forest of fir trees, with a small stream running close by.

 Day 05


Tallem to Jackchen, 3462m, (27� 46’28N,88� 27’38E) Today the trail is through forest and meadows of marshes. Few climbs. As you start from the first camp there is a very interesting bridge to cross over the river which flows from Muguthang valley. The walk is about 4 hours, it is quite tiring as you have to wade through forest and cross many of the obstacles created by fallen trees. The camp will be beside the Zemu River, and the melodious sound of it will lull you to sleep. The sun comes bit late in the morning. There is a newly constructed hut here. From Jackchen there is trail across the Zemu River Tholung which goes to the Kishong La and into the Tholung valley and finally into the Lepcha Reserve of Dzongu.

 Day 06


Jackchen to Poki Cave Camp, 3702m,(27� 45’51N,88� 25’26E) Today too the trail is through forest and along the Zemu River. It takes about 4 hours. The mountain view to the left of the trail is amazing. We avoid the old trail as it has a straight climb and takes a long time,instead we use the trail along the river which was constructed by the local people of Lachen. It is bit narrow through bamboo forest. The Camp is located next to a cave, which the local people use it as they move towards Green Lake. This camp site is much warmer then the camps at lower altitude.

 Day 07


Poki Cave Camp to Marco polo Rest Camp, 4332m,(27� 46’06N, 88� 22’33E) The walk takes about 4 hours. It is a straight and gentle walk through the forest until the start of climb towards Yabuk. The climb takes about 40 minutes and of course the altitude kicks in. Yabuk is on a flat meadow with a two storeyed wooden hut and a watch tower constructed by the Wildlife Department. Now from here you can see the distant snout of the Zemu glacier and the white trail on the moraine. Since the trail is seldom used we have to move through bushes of thorn which have overgrown into the trail. From here the tree line finishes and plenty of Rhododendron bushes. From Yabuk the trail goes down to the river and then climb to the to the start of the Zemu Glacier. From here the Giants of Sikkim look very close. The camp is located beside a small stream and Zemu glacier.

 Day 08


 Marco polo Rest Camp to Camp Masuda, 4641m, (27�46’09N, 88� 19’46E) The walk is about 4 hours, it’s a gradual climb, but you will begin to feel the thin air. The trail is through boulders brought down by ancient glaciers and it is quite tiring, negotiating the bends and climbs. The camp is located in one of the most beautiful spot. You can have a great view of all the great peaks from your tent, without having to get out of your tent. Khangchendzonga, The Twins, Siniolchu, Simvo, Nepal Peak, Tent Peak, Nepal Col, Nepal Gap. If you look to the distant East Jhomolhari stands before you in the grandest form far away in Bhutan. From the camp just walk for a minute and you will come face to face with the mighty Zemu glacier, considered to be the biggest glacier in the Himalaya at 17 miles long. Sun rise is a wonderful experience here. The slow lighting of the peaks in the morning is just magical.

Day 09


Camp Masuda to Green Lake Excursion,4930m, (27� 45’51N, 88� 17’49E) to Rest Camp. Its about three and half hours walk to Green Lake. Have to start latest by 7am. The walk is through huge glacial plain which never seems to end. As you walk towards Green Lake the mighty peaks get closer and closer and then the view changes with every turn. Then you can see the routes taken by the brave mountaineers on the massif wall of the Khangchendzonga. If you are lucky and you are there at the right season, you will know why it’s a challenge to climb the mountain from the Sikkim side. Numerous avalanche roars down the sheer faces. The Germans, 1929,1931, the British, The Indian army and the last expedition in 2000 by the Austrians had there base camp in Green Lake. So, this is the Real Khangchendzonga base Camp. After, we have a good stay in Green Lake we return to Camp Masuda have lunch and then pack, rest for a while and move towards Rest Camp. Today the walk is about 7 hours in total.

Day 10


Rest Camp 4592m (27� 46’08N, 88� 21’20E) to Poki Cave Camp. The walk takes about 5 hours and it is all down hill. We will be following the same trail.

Day 11

  Poki Cave Camp to Tallem. Today the distant is bit long, about 6 hours, with few rests in between.

Day 12


Tallem to Zema to Lachen. The walk from Tallem to Zema takes about 3 hours. Following the same boulder trail along the Zemu River. The Jeep will be waiting for us at Zema to drive us back to Lachen. Overnight in Hotel. (Hot shower).

Day 13


Lachen to Gangtok. After breakfast leave for Gangtok, lunch enroute. Visit Phodong Monastery if not visited earlier. Check in Hotel at Gangtok.


                          The trekking will be in expedition style. There are no tea house facilities on the Green Lake Trek

Basic clean lodging with hot shower will be provided for two nights in Lachen.

                   Briefing for the next day will be given by the trekking guide every evening after the dinner.


Equipment List
Personal First-Aid Kit




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