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People of Sikkim


The population of Sikkim comprises mainly of three ethnic communities, namely Lepchas, Bhutias and Nepalese, who intermingle freely to constitute a homogenous blend. Besides these there are other communities also who have come from the plains and are mainly involved in business and government services.

They were pacifist forest foragers who worshipped mountains, river and nature spirits. They constitute only 13% of the total population of Sikkim.

Religion forms the main thread in the fabric life of the Sikkimese. Nearly every Bhutia family has one family member who became monk. Traditionally the priesthood was regarded as the intellectual as well as spiritual elite. They constitute 16% of the total population of Sikkim.

They are a people with a natural gaiety; their culture and customs are as fascinating as the surroundings in which they live. They account for 67% of the total population of Sikkim.


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